About Us

PH3 Healthcare, LLC is a holding company, currently managing multiple outpatient imaging centers in Missouri and Kansas.

PH3 Healthcare management, LLC clearly outlines the deliverables provided in a management services agreement. Owners should think carefully about whether they want a management company to own part of the center and provide services, or whether they want the company to provide oversight and advice without a stake in the business. In other words, some seek a vendor and others a partner.

What are the benefits to working with PH3?

  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved patient experiences
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Increased quality control
  • Increased revenues

Depending upon the goal(s) desired (majority or minority interest, turnaround versus well-performing centers, and outsourced services versus in-house support), choosing the right management company is paramount to aligning with the most wanted outcome. With PH3 Healthcare Management, LLC, crucial areas are addressed – areas such as reporting, benchmarking, personnel management, supplier discounts and long-term strategic planning.

Call us to discuss your goals and strategies. For more information, contact Maurice Arbelaez, President of PH3 Healthcare Management, LLC at 913-345-9300, extension 25 or email maurice.arbelaez@gmail.com.